What they don’t teach them…..We do!

Empowered Events was initially founded with the desire to continue to promote advanced life skills to today’s teenagers. However, today Empowered Events brings to Perth other speakers and trainers and events in line with their dreams, goals and passions to share with you – so you can enjoy them too.

Initially back in 2009 Ainslie met Brent Williams, an international speaker who was already teaching his program Empower U through his business Tomorrows Youth. The Empower U has been providing teenagers these necessary skills for the last 15 years and in 6 countries.

Empowered Events vision is to eventually put these tools in the hands of all teenagers in Perth with Brent’s help and expertise, giving them a better start to creating the life of their dreams ahead of their peers. They will know how to communicate effectively, take responsibility for their own lives and create a successful future for themselves. So much of what we bring to teenagers is not taught in schools these days nor at home. This program is delivered in a fun, teenager-friendly environment and the very same motivation and high-achievement secrets that propel the world’s top performers to success is revealed and is already working wonders for thousands of young people around the world today. Secrets your child can easily apply to get outstanding results in any area of their own life. Secrets that have been made so simple to understand and use that you will notice immediate improvements.

Whether it’s more motivation, improved attitude, better exam marks, a savings plan, landing a great job, or just a more open family relationship you will see results fast!

That’s just one of our major goals for Empowered Events.

We also want to provide an incredible experience at events for those who partake of our services. We believe that running a great event takes planning and thought, time and effort, to make sure all the little things are taken care of, leaving an awesome experience for the participants from the moment they register to the moment they step through the door and into the room to the very end, where it was so enjoyable they don’t want to leave. ┬áThe hardest part….should be getting them to leave the room when its over cos it’s that good!